Buy-Side Support

DGN Advisory will work closely with buyers to find the greatest opportunities for our clients to invest or acquire other companies. We have extensive industry experience and knowledge to better assist you in making the difficult decision on whether or not to invest your capital in a particular opportunity. We have built efficient M&A models that we use to smoothly transition through the exit phase. Our models are concise and convey information in a professional manner, which bankers and attorneys can easily understand.


DGN Advisory's Buy-Side Support mainly consists of four parts


Research & Market Analysis

A comprehensive look into applicable companies that embody a similar market. This is an analytical and statistical look into the specific market that our client embodies. DGN Advisory will highlight which companies would benefit our client in the instance of a Merger or Acquisition. We take into account market trends, innovations, depreciation, etc. 

DGN Advisory's Market Analysis

  • Identify the client's audience

  • Define the client's target consumer base

  • Clearly explain which market needs your company embodies

  • Analyze client's specific industry

  • Identify any market trends or innovations

  • Create a summary of the market analysis

  • Finally, adjust accordingly to the other sections of the client's business plan


Target Identification

The process of identifying the most profitable areas to offer a new potential product or service. Target market identification takes a look into characteristics that normally include disposable income, age, level of education, and gender. 

Steps involved in DGN Advisory's Target Market Identification

  1. Analyze the client's current customer base

  2. Look into the competition

  3. Analyze the client's product or service offered

  4. Set and decide specific industry demographics to target

  5. Consider the location of the target business

  6. Evaluate the results acquired



DGN Advisory offers full-blown professional Business Valuations, Opinion of Value, Calculations of Value, and Fair Value / Transactional Opinions to better support your company during the Buy-Side area of M&A. Whether your company needs a full Business Valuation or an Opinion of Value, DGN Advisory will work closely with you to best meet your budget. DGN Advisory has team members that carry the respected CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) title to best fit your Business Valuation needs. 


Due Diligence

Quite simply, DGN Advisory would like to assist your company in determining whether or not a particular deal is the right one for you. We will also strive to help determine the right acquisition for the right price. DGN Advisory's extensive due diligence process enables us to fully analyze the financial, operational, commercial, and strategic facets of the deal at hand. By doing this we help our clients breeze through the negotiation phase to ultimately get our client a favorable deal.

DGN Advisory will help you:

  • Fully analyze the given targets earnings and quality of cash flow

  • Evaluate the assumed or to be acquired quality of assets and liabilities that may arise

  • Inspect quality of working capital and any similar market trends that could affect this

  •  Highlight early on any potential weak internal controls, systems, or personnel that could turn into critical issues

  • Provide additional judgment regarding the given targets financial projection analysis

  • Aid client in the review of the purchase agreement

  • Assist client in maintaining company earnings

  • Analyze future cash flows

  • Significantly reduce the uncertainty risk for financial buyers  

  • Help our client in any Letter of Intent (LOI) Pre/Post negotiations 











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