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Need individual management assesment ?

Does your company need individual management decisions?


DGN Advisory is your best choice because:

  • Experienced advisors with real personal experience working in mature companies, large and small, public and private
  • Experts at planning strategy to grow
  • Hands on approach to improvement
  • Specialists with industry and functional expertise
  • Return on investment based fee structures


DGN FinOps bring you CFO level support for complex business finance issues. We can do everything from acting as a contracted CFO to supporting individual management decisions on an ad hoc basis. We have professionals that have served as CFOs for companies both large and small, public and private - all supported by highly efficient analysts and staff that are well trained in the latest financial techniques. No matter how complex the problem, we can work out a solution. 


Our services include:

Increase Your Company's Value
We offer a customized in-depth planning tool, focused on your company's value, through a web based dashboard
CoreValue Overview