Segment & Competitive Force Analysis

Funding Strategy:

DGNA can help you at all stages of funding from idea to scaling.  Realistic economic models, with cedible assumptions and data, that project cash flow needs and appropriate valuations are the building blocks of getting funded.  Our experience can help improve your chances of a successful capital raise.
  • Angel Financing Support:  DGNA combines advisory and a hands-on approach to helping our clients secure angel finng.  Strong relationships with angel financing groups are key to understanding hwo to get these deals done.
  • Crowd Funding Financing Support:  When the intricacies of crowd funding become overwhelming, our experts can relieve the confusion.
  • Investor Transaction Structuring/Negotiations:  Structuring an investment deal to protect the interests of both your businesses and the investors is important.  Establishing valuations and crafting terms are our expertise.
  • Grant Funding Consultation:  Find Grant funding quickly and effectively with a consultation from one of our trusted advisors.
  • Community Development Fund Support:  DGNA is here to help you apply to receive funding from the Community Development Fund support.
  • Bank Financing Support:  Working with the banks can be an daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Go in prepared with DGNA' advisors.


Prepare for the future and forecast accurately with DGNA’s comprehensive models.

Pre-money Valuation:

Valuing startups is particularly difficult due to the high risk nature of an unproven model and difficulties in forecasting future cash flows.  DGNA understands these issues and knows how to deal with their unique complexities.  Let us help with the early stage valuation process. 

Due Diligence Buyer/Seller/Bank:

You have the terms of a deal with a bank or investor, but now they are asking you for a million things.  You have to focus on grwoing your startup and not on due diligence.  Let our experts help you through this burdensome process.  

Financial Projection Validation:  

Gathering and analyzing data to validate your assumptions is critical to their credibility.  Let DGNA dig deeper and make sure you are making an honest and unbiased assessment.  

Working Capital Analysis:

Not having funds to grow is one of the most frustrating things a startup can face.  You may have raised enough money to bring your product to market, but now you need to scale up to deliver to customers by buying inventory and extending credit.  Proper planning for working capital will allow you business to succeed.


Increase Your Company's Value
We offer a customized in-depth planning tool, focused on your company's value, through a web based dashboard
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