Support & Execution for Capital Raises

Support & Execution for Capital Raises


DGN Advisory can fully support your startup with multiple options for Capital Raise. We typically aid with Pre-Seed, Seed Round, Series A, Series B, and Series C capital raises. We have real life experience when it comes to raising money for startups. Our Advisors have been here before and will do everything in their power to assit your startup. 



Steps Involved with DGN Advisory's Capital Raise

  • Gather data & create model
  • Research other potential buyers or investors
  • Formulate a comprehensive investor pitch deck
  • Build a business community for our clients
  • Naviate our clients through the due dilligence phase
  • Cash flow planning for next round of investment funding



Often called the "Friends and Family" round. Usually high risk involved for investment with little to no data. Typically Angel investors will take part in the Pre-Seed round. 


Seed Round

Real capital raise for their company to get the ball rolling with their business idea. Often used for research, product market fit and testing, new hires, and product development. Still involves lower data and higher risks with Angel investors typically getting invloved much like in Pre-Seed funding. 


Series A

Series A involves real data for business scaling. Usually requires a proof of concept before initiated. Capital for Series A typically is about furthe optimizing what has been done and discovered. Investors like to evaluate what positive change their investment has caused, if any. Usually Venture Capitalists or Angel investors get involved in this phase. 


Series B

Business is gaining traction invloving high level investors. Goals are to expand teams, markets, products, software, and ready to scale.


Series C

During this investment phase a typical company will have a value of 100 million or more. If your company makes it here, you have made it to the big leagues. Goals for investors in Series C are to recruit talent, eliminate competition, strategic aqusitions, geographic coverage, and exit with Buy/Sell support. 



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