Financing and Funding

Whether you are a startup or mature growth company pursuing opportunities requires resources.  Finding and obtaining those resources is an area that can be daunting to many business owners and managers.  Funding progresses from friends and family all the way to public capital markets with dozens of options in between.  Knowing what is best for your business is what DGN Advisory is best at.  We have experience in securing capital for businesses from:

  • individual investors
  • crowd funding
  • angel groups
  • community and state development funds
  • banks and credit unions
  • private equity and venture capital

Let us help you with projections, structuring and locating the right partner to provide the capital your business needs.



Investor Funding Support and Structuring:

We help you understand the complexities and nuance to get the funding you need from investors including calculations of ROI, control and governance features and exit strategies.


Bank Financing Support:

When you need to financial support from the banks its critical to understand how they think and what they look for, DGNA is here to help you establish the best case for success.



Get a better handle on helping predict your company’s direction.  DGNA has complex financial models built for nearly every situation and can easily adept them to your specific needs.  These models have been developed over decades and vetted by some of the most sophisticated industry professionals.  


Valuation Analysis:

When looking for investors, the discussion alwasy comes around to a question of valuation.  At DGNA we understand valuations from early stage startups with no cash flow to mature large companies with long established track records.

Increase Your Company's Value
We offer a customized in-depth planning tool, focused on your company's value, through a web based dashboard
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