Planning and Strategy

We feel planning starts with defining your aspirational goals and then building a strategy to accomplish those goals.    

Common problems we see are company's mixing up goals and strategies and not having sufficient detail to execute effectively.  Our strategic framework utilizes methodologies theorized by many respected thinkers and then adapted through our years of experience.  We believe the existence of a well thought out plan leads to more successful outcomes than just acting intuitively.  Our process focuses on:

  • Identifying a healthy competitive sector
  • Understanding the forces that try to take profits from you
  • Outlining the activities to deliver your product and how competitors do the same
  • Gathering resources needed to carry out the strategies
  • Establishing measurements to insure execution success 

We specialize in working with companies to not just develop and implement strategies, but also to constantly evaluate and modify them to insure long-term success.  We offer tools that tie strategies directly to value enhancement so you can see and measure the success.   


Business Opportunity Planning:

DGNA will help you refine the opportunities that are in front of you.  We can help you identify a healthy sector to focus on that will give the best opportunity for success and prevent wasting valuable resources. 


Strategic Planning:

Once you have outlined your aspirational goals you need to design a plan to get there.  DGNA can help you create a plan that has real executable steps to help you succeed and the draw up the measurement to follow your success. 


CoreValue Gap Planning:

DGNA brings you on online tool with a methodology developed at MIT and used successfully by thousands of other companies to increase their value.  Our CoreValue tool gives you a baseline value for your company and then quantifies the value gap between your company's current state and where it could be.  We break down opportunities to increase your value into 18 value drivers and rank each one according to the effort vs. benefit.  DGNA can design a highly specialized plan to guide you through execution of steps that will keep you on track to greater value.  Jump to our CoreValue page and start the 10 minute Discovery process today with no cost or obligation.  


Risk Management:

Risks are predictable and quantifiable which make them able to be managed.  Unlike uncertainties which can come out of left field, risks can be seen by management through proper planningDGNA has frameworks for indentifying and managing risks that threaten to derail your growth plans.  DGNA can help you create a risk register and prioritize what is important and most important to alocate resources towards to reduce or eliminate.  Let our experts help you succeed by managing these risks.       


Functional Specialty Planning and Resources:

Functional expertise is one of the keys to success when you area growth company trying to get to the next level.  DGNA has experts that can provide resources in many functional areas to either help plan or staff on a temporary or part-time basis.  Sometimes as you grow, outsourcing functional expertise is the most economical way to go and DGNA can help.  Areas where we have resources to help are: 

  • CFO / Controllership - DGNA experts include former CFO's of companies large and small, public and private.  These experts can be a key management resource to help structure an accounting department, implement internal controls, prepare financial reports, design dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), manage lenders and investors, and perform financial resource planning.  DGNA offers a fractional CFO arrangement where you get all the benefits of a dedicated CFO, but at a part-time cost. 
  • Sales & Marketing  - DGNA experts can help you create a strategic sales and marketing plan to effectively position your product, manage your channels, and acquire customers.
  • Operations - Being able to deliver on your promises is key to success.  Once you have orders, they have to processed, built and shipped flawlessly to retain your customers.  DGNA has expertise in all aspects of operations including purchasing, production planning, inventory control, fulfillment policies and quality control.  Specialists experienced in LEAN Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement are at the ready to assist.
  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity Planning - Let DGNA experts  help design and construct your IT networks for maximum efficency and security and to make sure you have to appropriate tools to meet your goals.  Cyber attacks can take the strongest business and send them into a tailspin.  Don’t let your business plan be derailed by becoming a victim to an external cyber attack by planning ahead with DGNA experts.
  • Human Capital - Your team is the most important asset in helping you succeed on your ambitous growth path.  As you grow your team you need to adjust your policies from recruitment to management of employees to keep everything moving the same direction.  DGNA experts can help you design the appropriate policies and help you with the best practices being used to motivate and reward. 
  • Tax Strategy Planning - Growth companies need to preserve cash by making smart choices when it comes to taxes.  DGNA and its parent CPA firm, Dennis Gartland & Neirgarth, combine to chart the most effective tax strategies for your business.  The expertise at Dennis Gartland & Niergarth is deep and up to date on the latest trends and strategies.   
Increase Your Company's Value
We offer a customized in-depth planning tool, focused on your company's value, through a web based dashboard
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