Acquisition Target Profiling & Identification

What We Do For You 

Many individuals or companies know that they want to buy a business but do not know where to begin and can waste resources and time without expert guidance. We can be your resource to identify the industry best suited to your strategy, perform research and market analysis, and identify specific targets.  Our involvement will focus your efforts and minimize the time that you put into the process and increasing your chances of finding quality target companies more timely. 

Our Process 

Knowing what you want to buy is the first step.  We can help you research attractive industry verticals, think about specific company characteristics (e.g. size, industry, growth potential, synergies with existing businesses, or value), and focus on companies of the right size to fit your capital resources.   Using DGN Advisory to help with this process means a more focused approach that will save you resources, both time and money. 

Specific services we offer include: 

Industry Research & Market Analysis 

There are many attractive industries in which to pursue acquisitions, but they may not all be a good fit for you, and choosing one that is too far afield may result in a substantial investment loss.  We can help you review industry segments, share research and insights, and provide a comprehensive look at history and trends in that industry. We typically summarize the results in the form of an “Industry Research and Market Analysis" report.  Utilizing DGN Advisory for this service can focus you and help select the industry, one that fits your strategic vision. 

Target Profiling & Identification  

Pursuing the wrong company can be frustrating and waste months of time cost significant sums, and delay the execution of your strategy. We can help you identify specific targets, by size and geographic region, and then craft a strategy for approaching the target companies.  We can then assist you with the outreach efforts to determine who might be interested in pursuing the next steps. Utilizing DGN Advisory for this exercise shortens the time it takes to execute on your growth plans and can improve the chances of success 

Devoting upfront time in determining key business attributes that you are looking for will help expedite the process of you finding a target business that may be the right match for your future acquisition needs or desire.   

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