Buy-Side Transactional Support

What We Do For You

Buying a business for the wrong price, or without doing your due diligence, can result in substantial financial losses.  If you are buying a business as a strategic growth move, we can help you plan, assess, negotiate, and integrate to ensure you achieve the growth you planned for.  If you are a financial buyer we can help you by finding companies that fit your investment profile, conducting due diligence, and implementing growth strategies post-closing.  Our involvement will increase the probability of a successful transaction and the realization of your investment returns. 

Our Process

Strategic Growth Planning 

Planning is the cornerstone of a successful transaction.  DGN Advisory will participate in planning meetings with you to establish your goals and develop your strategy. We will provide a framework, input, and guidance to facilitate and support the development of your strategic growth plan. We always establish a meeting cadence (that works for you) for regular touchpoints throughout the process.  A well thought out plan will increase the probability of success with the most efficient use of resources.  

Negotiations Strategy

Negotiation strategy is crucial to meeting objectives relative to price and structure.  DGN Advisory can act as your advisor and intermediary to develop a strategy for approaching and negotiating with the target company around items such as purchase price, terms, and other conditions.  Following a disciplined negotiation strategy will result in the highest potential return on investment.  

Financial Modeling 

Modeling the economics of a transaction ensures that your targeted return on investment is met and identifies risks and opportunities.  DGN Advisory can help in preparing a comprehensive financial model that details projected cash flows and assesses valuation through compiling projections for the target.  The model will allow for various scenarios to evaluate cost synergies, changes in strategy, and investment in expansion and will present an indication of what a fair purchase price would likely represent and it will also be helpful in obtaining financing for the transaction.  A comprehensive financial model will provide confidence that the acquisition is a good idea and a strategic roadmap to follow closing. 

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a critical step in the acquisition process that can lead to financial losses and disputes if not conducted properly.  DGN Advisory's Buy-Side Due Diligence consists of tasks such as: 

  • Analyzing the target's financial statements and quality of cash flow 

  • Evaluating quality of assets to be acquired and liabilities assumed 

  • Inspecting the quality of working capital and assisting in identifying post transaction working capital needs 

  • Highlighting potential risks (e.g. the Target’s processes/controls, systems, or personnel) 

  • Assessing the target’s financial projections and future cash flows 

  • Helping to significantly reduce the uncertainty risk for financial buyers 

  • Reviewing and managing the data room and the target’s information content uploaded thereto 

  • Coordination with Target: Supporting our client and other company representatives in responding to information requests and follow up questions from the target. 

Deal Execution 

Getting to the finish line is dependent on experience and a strong team of advisors, whereas a dysfunctional team can derail a transaction with considerable wasted time and expense.  DGN Advisory can work with you to assemble and coordinate your advisor team, including legal counsel, bankers, and investors. . We will be with you through the entire process, culminating in the preparation of definitive agreements and schedules to document the terms.  Getting to the finish line efficiently and effectively will preserve resources that can be driven into post-closing growth.   

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