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What We Do For You 

Knowing whether to use debt or equity, and where to locate it, when financing a business acquisition, is not always straightforward, and the wrong decision can lead to cash flow problems after the closing. We can help you determine the optimal capital structure and we locate and manage lenders (e.g. banks or credit unions) and equity investors to help you identify the best fit for your business purchase.  Our involvement will increase your probability of successfully obtaining the right financing, at the lowest cost, on the best terms. 

Our Process 

Knowing how you are going to finance your business acquisition is a key component of getting the transaction across the finish line.  Examples of how DGN Advisory can assist you in these efforts are : 

Capital Structure Planning 

  • Providing insights on different financing options (e.g. debt vs. equity vs. a combination of debt and equity) and which option may make the most sense for your specific transaction 

Debt Financing 

  • Helping you identify different lenders 

  • Helping you aggregate, and work through, the respective loan documentation requirements 

  • Once a loan is ultimately obtained, we can assist you in putting in safeguards to ensure go-forward compliance with any debt service requirements.  

  • Assistance with the proper accounting treatment for such loans (e.g. treatment of deferred financing costs and creation of a go-forward loan schedule). 

Equity Financing 

  • If equity financing is determined to be best, we can help you identify approaches for finding and pitching potential investors (e.g. individual investors, venture capital, private equity, etc.)  

tailored financial structure dgn advisory




Identifying a tailored financing structure that meets the needs of your specific situation will not only increase the likelihood of the transaction closing but it will also provide you with a level of comfort that you have the right mix of debt and equity to maximize return on investment (ROI). 




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