5-Year Financial Modeling to Determine Resource Needs

5-Year Financial Modeling

When you are growing your startup there is a common misconception that there is no need for structure and chaos is the rule, the entire focus should be about building a product and later figure out how to build a company.  Our thinking is that this is not true and that you need to be building a company and infrastructure to support your product or service.  In fact, we believe strongly in developing a competitive advantage early on by creating processes and activities that make it harder for people to copy and, thus make your startup more protected.  Just as you protect the intellectual property around your unique product, you can also create a system of activities that cannot be easily duplicated.


Nothing is more important to a startup than cash and keeping track of your cash is essential. Accounting is an activity that is easily outsourced to allow your internal resources to focus on the task at hand. Let DGN Advisory help track your revenues and costs. Other related activities that DGN Advisory can easily take off your plate are:
  • Budgeting & Forecasting:  Outline your company’s revenues expenses and cash flow to help budget and forecast your operations.

  • Cost Accounting:  Know your real product costs.  

  • Financial Reporting:  Keep your investors and funding sources informed.


Dashboard Design/Metrics/KPI's:

Setting targets and measuring progress isn't just something for bigger companies. Startups have to keep things on track as well and with the speed of growth, it may be the most effective way to communicate success. Go beyond just the numbers and use tools like the Balanced Scorecard to measure key goals in operational areas. Properly designed dashboards and KPI's are difficult and DGN Advisory has experts that can help you make this effective and link it to your overall strategy.  

Lease vs. Buy Analysis:

Leasing is a common method for startups to preserve capital. A solid analysis of lease vs. buy is required to make good decisions and DGNA experts can help with this calculation and advise on the lease terms themselves.  
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