Opportunity Assessments

In a typical Opportunity Assessment DGN Advisory overviews

  • Market sizing and growth projections

  • Industry and segment attractiveness assessments

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Market requirements and barriers to entry

  • Go-to-market strategy



As different as startups can be, they all fundamentally follow the same path. 


Planning should be broad and focused on the size of the potential opportunity.

  • Is there a market?  How large is it? Would people pay for it?


Turning the napkin drawing into a product or service requires expertise and early funding.

  • How to obtain funding?  How to find expertise?

Launch and Pivot

Gain feedback and change your offering based on that feedback.

  • How do you gather data? When to re-invent and when to realize it's just not there?


Once you have acceptance, make sure there is an economic justification.

  • What competitive forces affect the sector?  How do rivals operate and succeed or fail?


You have a product, you have an economic model, now its time to roll.

  • Do you have the resources - functional and financial?  



Entity Selection:

Choosing the right entity upfront can save many headaches down the road.  Understanding the operational, tax and structural benefits of different entities is crucial.  We understand all of the entity choices and the unique needs of startups.  Ask us about the specifics of:

  • C Corporations

  • S Corporations

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)


Startup Checklist:

DGN Advisory is dedicated to helping you start your small business as quickly and as easily as possible with our unique startup checklist.


Board Representation:

Boards of advisors and directors help startups with experiences critical to success.  DGN Advisory can be a resource for your board.


Buy-Sell Formulation:

DGN Advisory can advise and design the formulas for your buy-sell agreement and make certain that your interests are protected as you grow and other events unfold.


Risk Management:

Startups are high-risk ventures due to their very nature, but there are strategies to reduce and manage risks that DGN Advisory can help advise on and implement.  


Startups have unique tax planning opportunities.  Taking advantage of early operating losses, investments, research and development costs, and a number of other things help improve cash flow.  Let DGN Advisory assist you in unique startup tax issues.   





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