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What We Do For You

We help business owners in Northern Michigan sell their companies to realize the maximum value they have worked so hard to create.  Using our experience to navigate the process of selling your business, we can prepare the business for sale, locate buyers and market the business, negotiate terms and work with the Company’s legal counsel to close the deal.   


The Value to You

Maximum proceeds with the least disruptions and risks are the key deliverable of value.  The sale process can be long and grueling, with lots of emotion, and our deep experience can guide you through to closing.  Our processes are streamlined to add efficiency and raise the probability of success.     



Successfully selling a business starts with preparing a business, its owners, and professional advisors for the sale process by educating them and setting reasonable expectations and timelines.  Our process is robust and will analyze the business, identify due diligence risks and mitigation strategies, prepare the marketing documents, identify and contact buyers, negotiate terms, and manage due diligence through to closing.   

In some cases, we work with businesses in advance of a sale to analyze and implement strategies that will increase the value and probability of a future sale.  Our approach breaks the business down into 18 value drivers, which we then assess and apply specific strategies to improve value.    

Our Northern Michigan based team has both extensive experiences working on numerous transactions and contacts with buyers, which will raise the probability of a successful outcome in selling a business.   

Example Services :
  • Transaction Readiness Services 
  • Sell-Side Transactional Support 
  • Exit and Transition Plan Preparation 
  • Transaction Valuation Analysis 
  • Buyer Profiling and Identification 
Increase Your Company's Value
We offer a customized in-depth planning tool, focused on your company's value, through a web-based dashboard
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